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Team & Volunteers

Team & Advisory Board

KareKonnect.org (formerly CareConnect) was founded in May, 2014, when Rohan Saxena and his team came up with an idea to connect underserved patient population with their caregivers to help reduce hospital readmissions at USF Code-a-thon. The primary goal of KareKonnect Foundation is to help foster seamless communication between Homeless people and their Caregiver to ensure that they can receive targeted information relating to their health issues as well timely reminders for continued care to help reduce readmissions to hospitals.

Rohan Saxena presenting to audience and judges at the Health Tech Forum in May, 2014

Rohan Saxena, Co-Founder

Rohan is a senior at Mission San Jose High School in Fremont, CA. He is passionate about technology, social issues, policy formulation and impact, and Tennis. He co-founded Karekonnect.org with the mission to help underprivileged patients who lack resources to manage their healthcare needs. The primary goal of Karekonnect is to foster seamless communication between homeless people and their caregivers to ensure that they can receive targeted information regarding their health related issues and social needs to get them continued care and prevent readmissions to hospitals.

Advisory Board

KareKonnect is honored to have a highly qualified group of healthcare professionals guiding our strategic direction and providing support in community outreach:

Jacob M. McCarty, MPA

Jacob is a results-driven healthcare professional with extensive experience in organizational leadership, project management, and healthcare and hospital administration. Jacob is currently the CEO at Kindred Hospital San Francisco Bay Area, in which he is directly accountable for all hospital operations. In addition, he currently serves as a Board Member for the St Rose Hospital Foundation. Prior to his current CEO role, Jacob served as the Vice President of Business Development for Innovations Health Systems where he was primarily responsible for managing the research, business development, and strategic planning efforts for a private-equity funded regional healthcare startup providing bundled services to Accountable Care Organizations and health plans. Prior to Innovations Health, Jacob served as a Regional Director of Business Development for Plum Healthcare Group, LLC where he was responsible for developing strategic business plans, improving physician relationships, and increasing overall business growth and revenue for 14 skilled nursing facilities throughout the greater Sacramento region. Jacob is also currently a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) working towards obtaining fellow status. He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of California, Davis and a graduate degree in public administration with an emphasis in healthcare services administration from USC.

Dr. Evelyn Nakagawa, MD

Dr. Nakagawa graduated 1992 from MEDICAL COLLEGE OF PENNSYLVANIA. She is currently serving as a Hospitalist with Team Health at Kindred Hospital in San Leandro, CA. She is experienced in taking care of critically sick and elderly patients. She serves as Chairperson for Utilization Committee at Kindred Hospital.

Dr Ranjana Saxena, MD

Dr. Ranjana Saxena, MD, is the Internal Medicine Hospitalist in San Leandro, California. She attended and graduated with honors from medical school in 1993, having over 23 years of diverse experiences, especially in Internal Medicine. She did IPC-UCSF Fellowship for healthcare leaders in 2012. She is currently practice group leader for Team Health Hospitalist at Kindred Hospital in San Leandro, CA.


Are you looking to be the change that you want to see around you? Government agencies are doing their part but over reliance on such agencies is putting a lot of strain on resources and the level of care for our community's underserved population is far less than optimal. KareKonnect is on a mission to use technology and common sense to help address an obvious issue in our communities today. KareKonnect is an open platform that connects its users with a network of Caregivers, Physicians, Social Workers, and Institutions and is looking for volunteers to take its operations to the next level. Please email info@karekonnect.org to learn more.

Aarushi Shyam, Volunteer

Rishabh Saxena, Volunteer

Need Help?

> Do you forget your appointments at times? KareKonnect helps schedule appointments for you and sends you reminders.
> Run out of medicines...easy way to connect you to your care provider for refill requests.
> Easy, one-stop place to communicate with your care provider for any issue.
> Want to know more about your disease? One portal where KareKonnect sends you relevant material to educate you.

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Care Givers

Medical Professionals
If you are a Caregiver (Physician, Medical Staff) and would like to minimize No-Show's for appointments, calls at odd hours for medicines refills, or insurance turning down authorization requests for your patient, KareKonnect can help. Improved in-time communication can eliminate such issues and reduce readmissions for your users.

Social workers
KareKonnect gives you an effective communication tool to connect to your patient and efficiently make arrangements for their needs. KareKonnect provides a persistent channel of communication for you to be in touch with your homeless constituents who are otherwise difficult to reach for sharing health conditions and appointments.

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When patients are discharged after an ER visit, staying in touch or communicating with homeless constituents can be difficult. Failure to track them to ensure they follow up with appointments and get their medicines can result in their getting sick again. The resulting trips back to the hospitals after it is too late costs them their health. Streamlining health education and awareness generation for such underserved constituents and providing them easy access to track their health can bring significant positive change in the community. To see if KareKonnect can work with you please contact: info@karekonnect.org

Contact Us: info@karekonnect.org

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